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Re: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

>>> I think the proper approach is to use your equipment and skills to
> identify
>>> the offending device, then go talk to it's owner.  Explain the problem
> and
>>> try and work out a solution or compromise.  Maybe demonstrate your
> equipment
>>> during a satellite pass, with and without the interference.  They 
>>> might
> just
>>> be sympathetic and unplug the thing.  Maybe you can agree on a 
>>> schedule
> that
>>> they refrain from using the device during satellite passes.
> This is good advice, but identification is not needed.  Since I have the
> radios, I am known as the neighborhood technogeek.  My neighbors 
> generally
> invite me over to show me the new devices and/or have me help install 
> them.
> If some one has come up with a tactful way of asking your neighbor to
> disconnect his new LAN, or take his new phone out of service I would 
> like to
> hear it.  My hope is that someday they will consult me before buying 
> stuff
> (not real likely either).
> After house sitting and taking care of their dogs for a week I asked one
> neighbor if they would take the phone back.  They did but, "The guy at 
> Best
> Buy said it was the Ham Radio stuff not working right."  My wife likes 
> their
> new phone and wants to get on just like it.

Maybe it's time to work on educating the salespeople at electronics 
stores?  I hear things like this too .. might help for them to 
understand at least a *bit* more about where the devices they are 
selling stand legally.  Obviously the FCC would be my first choice of 
people to do the educating, but if the FCC won't do it, maybe ARRL can 
be convinced to at least make up some reference material?

"Go ahead and do it, you can apologize later." -- RADM Grace Hopper, 
"The sunset is an illusion, but the beauty is real." -- Richard Bach

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