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Re: An experiment 2.4 GHz SS Cordless vs Weak Signal


At 06:17 PM 3/26/02 -0600, John P. Toscano wrote:
>The other "issue" in my mind is the selection of a good
>omnidirectional antenna.  To accomplish Leslie's purpose, a
>quarter-wave vertical groundplane should be easy to build and suit
>the purpose, especially with a 10 Watt amp.  But for a weak-signal
>beacon, we would definitely want a horizontally-polarized omni
>antenna, since folks would be using their SSB/CW systems to listen
>for the beaccon and they will be horizontally polarized.  M-squared
>makes HOLoop antennas that serve the purpose, but only up to 432 MHz.
>Any idea how to construct a good horizontal omni, or better yet, a
>stacked pair (or two pair!) to give the signal a little more oomph?
>Not that I'm trying to suggest that anyone on this list would
>actually put up an illegal noise source instead of a legal beacon...

The Alford Slot Antenna has a vertical form factor, and a horizontally 
polarized omnidirectional radiation pattern.  One source of information is:


ATVers have used these at various sites.  There are other varieties of slot 
antennas.  Some manufacturers have slot antennas for 802.11 devices for sale.

73, Mike kf4fdj

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