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Re: AO40 hamfest station


> 50W to the 7x7 yagi was a marginal uplink when the 
> squint was 20 degrees.

I have noted the same conditions here the last two weekends on the eastern pass (2nd day in 4-day cycle).  Signals from Europe are very strong, but many stations in N.A. struggle with weak signals on the U-band uplink.  On Sunday morning I was also running 50 W in the shack (about 30 W at the antenna) and had a very weak signal.  I missed working some good DX because they just could not hear me well (TA1D could not hear me on CW--arrghh!).  This is the same phenomenon we observed last fall, where the U-band signals seem to be much stronger when the satellite is to our west.  As G6LVB just mentioned in a similar posting, L-band stations do not seem to have this problem.
Jerry, K5OE
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