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RE: AO40 hamfest station

Hello Wayne

I read your comments and we must be from the same mindset. I must agree with
everything you said.

Indeed, I ran a demo station on Sunday myself on AO-40.

We had a slightly different result, as squint was luckily on our side.
Indeed, on a couple of occasions we were in a pileup situation. The
satellite was so busy at times it sounded like 20m on a weekend. Picked up
stations from Europe, Africa, Canada and the US. The highlight (I would have
fallen off my chair if I'd been sitting down) was when Gabon came in after
the first key-up.

After two hours outside I was freezing cold and had to switch off!
Everything else (including equipment) went perfectly. Like President Bush I
should "Listen to my Mother" and wear a warm winter pully in future.

Your point about squint seems quite true. But I wonder what the AGC
suppression was running at, and if it was being activated by radar? The
reason I mention this is that on an almost identical pass eight days earlier
on Saturday 16 March using the same equipment, I found the bird to be quite
deaf in comparison to Sunday 24 March. Because I'm operating portable I
don't have telemetry running, so I can't tell 'on the fly' what the AGC is
running at. Certainly the stations making it in on the Saturday were all on
L band.

73 Howard G6LVB

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