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Kolibri Dual Telemetry

RS-21 is transmitting telemetry on 435 as well as 2 meters. I confirmed it 
on the 03:46 UTC pass of March 27 2002. Interesting to note that it 
transmits the data on 2 meters first and then follows with the same info on 
435. Signal strength was good on both bands but noted that the 435 signal 
stayed stronger at LOS.

I wasn't prepared to copy two channels of CW telemetry, so missed some data 
at the start of the pass. Good thing it staggers the telemetry channels from 
each other. I don't think my ears would copy both channels at the same time.

TPPA 140, TPPB 140, MTX 51, MRX 0, RS 21, UBS 125, IBS 41, USUN 16, ISUN 0, 
ITXA 8, PTXA 0, TTXA 145, ITXB 3(?), LOS

73 Keith N4ZQ in EL88, The Bikini State.

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