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RE: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

Mike, KF4FDJ wrote:

>Howard and all:
>II have been reading with interest posts on this reflector.  I think there 
>is a war coming.  The war is going to be between licensed users of 2.4GHz 
>(namely hams) and unlicensed Part 15 devices, and LICENSED direct digital 
>satellite services.
>I can't speak to the UK rules, but the US rules pertaining to Part 15 
>devices are clear.
>So, IF severe interference is being caused by any Part 15 device, and say 
>you can't use AO-40, then a report to the FCC is in order.  According to 
>the above quoted section, the offending operator must cease.
>The suggestion of using a beacon to cause the cordless SS phones to seek a 
>new frequency wily work with them, but probably NOT with some other devices.

Ray, WB3ABN replies:

The general tone implied by this message probably won't accomplish the 
results you desire.  A lot of "old farts" will remember a phrase "in a spirit 
of friendly cooperation".  Taking the stance that you're right and your 
neighbor is wrong, and spewing quotes from the regulations to back you up, IS 
the way to start and perpetuate your "war".  By flying off the handle and 
submitting an interference report to the FCC before attempting to resolve the 
situation at the lowest lever possible will only cause bad feelings among 
your neighbors.  The FCC will be reluctant to expend time on a single source 
of cordless telephone interference, as it's certainly not intentional, it's 
INCIDENTAL to the use of a Part 15 device.  Now if your neighbor has schemed 
up some sort of wicked plot to knock you off the air, I say go ahead and take 
this approach.

I think the proper approach is to use your equipment and skills to identify 
the offending device, then go talk to it's owner.  Explain the problem and 
try and work out a solution or compromise.  Maybe demonstrate your equipment 
during a satellite pass, with and without the interference.  They might just 
be sympathetic and unplug the thing.  Maybe you can agree on a schedule that 
they refrain from using the device during satellite passes.

If you haven't taken any good faith steps to resolve the problem, and just 
demand that everyone who has an offending device give in to your will, you 
won't make many friends in your neighborhood - you'll quickly make enemies 
who might take matters into their own hands, maybe even attempting to 
sabotage your antennas or deliberately interfering with you out of revenge.

What happens if you succeed in forcing owners of these devices to terminate 
their use, and some point in the future you get an interest in 6 meters, or 
want to run a kilowatt on HF and wipe out half the TV's within a mile of your 
house?  Are you still going to take the high ground and put up with dozens of 
irate neighbors demanding you shut off your radio?  Ever have a neighbor show 
up at your door with the Sheriff demanding you cease operations?  It's hard 
to convince these folks that you have the federal regulations on your side.

Sure, you've spent a lot of money on your equipment and want to enjoy it 
whenever it suits you.  But your neighbors have also invested a lot in 
stereo's, video, computer networks and phones, and don't tend to understand 
your side of the argument as well as you do.

Better to NOT start the war.  And what's the worst case - maybe not getting 
the full enjoyment out of ONE band and mode - there's LOTS more to do in 
Amateur Radio if you can't find a compromise.  I'd rather my neighbors viewed 
me as the helpful and courteous ham willing to provide public service, 
education and such, than the Grinch that Stole Christmas and called the FCC 
on their harmless little phone.

And what of this suggestion to deliberately create a beacon to fool these 
devices into moving away from your satellite freq?  Isn't that deliberately 
causing harmful interference?  It brings to mind the opening scenes from 
Poltergeist where the two neighbors are fighting each other with their TV 
remotes which are both on the same freq...

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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