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Re: An experiment 2.4 GHz SS Cordless vs Weak Signal

Run the Drake w/MCW FM, find the VCO, couple a microprocessor into the VCO 
loop, and use a micro to do the CW.  I'd recommend going simpler than the 
Z-world.  A 12C508 PIC would do nicely and is $0.80

OK, true CW would be nicer, but you'd have to find in the unit or build a 
driver/PA stage to turn off and on.

Read the antenna comment below...

Fred W0FMS

>  I could put together a
>simple single-board computer interface using a ZWorld microprocessor
>board, to generate the ON/OFF control for each Morse Code character,
>but I'm not sure of the optimal way to actually modulate the RF
>generator you described with the ON/OFF (dit/dah/space) data.  This
>approach would allow you to go very simple or very sophisticated
>(just send callsign or send other telemetry data also with appropriate
>sensors added).  This seems to make more sense to me than setting up
>the Drake at 144 MHz away from the desired frequency and dedicating
>a 2 meter radio as a transverter IF rig.
>The other "issue" in my mind is the selection of a good
>omnidirectional antenna.

Simple: a dipole.  Yup it's not truly omni.
Complicated: An Alford slot antenna.

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