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APRS Touch Tone signaling

Any HT/Mobile should be able to send and receive APRS and other data, not
just the Kenwoods!

This is easy to do if someone will write a sound card program that
monitors your local voice repeater channel listening for any kind of
signalling that is built into EVERY radio:

1) TTones. Any radio can send an EMAIL or APRS msg just as easy as a D7.
2) PL.  Any radio can send 1 of 38 PL tones for "signalling" or control
3) ANY radio can hear text-to-speech coming back to him
4) Some HT's TH-28/48/78 or FT-11/41/51 or IC-W31 can display TTone TXT
5) Converted PAGERS can receive HAM pages from a KPC-3+ TNC

APRStt is the software that would run on a single PC at the repeater and
listen for any of these signals and then generate the appropriate APRS
packet into the worldwide APRS distribution system.  SImilarly, the APRStt
PC watches the world wide APRS stream and looks for any incoming data that
needs to be converted back to any of the non-APRS formats above for
delivery back to the end user.

Thus, with only this soundcard software at a repeater, would give
worldwide communications and signaling ability to ANYONE without them
having to invest in a Kenwood APRS radio.. or bother with TNC's and
other add on devices.  For example, here is how to send an EMAIL:

The TTone sequence of *33*20480602803333 from ANY HT, gets converted by
APRStt software at the repeater to this 144.39 PACKET::

   WE4APR>APRS,WIDE::EMAIL    :bruninga@maile.earthlink.net Get me at 3.

Which the worldwide APRS system picks up and converts to SMPP MAIL which
gets delivered to the end user via INTERNET EMAIL...

I have put up a web page to focus these ideas and maybe encourage someone
to write APRStt software...

APRStt WEB page:   http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprstt.html

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

P.S. Relavance to AMSAT is that we have 5 APRS capable Satellites, and the
most frequent complaint from members of the AMSAT-BB is that "yeah, but
you have to have a Kenwood"...  With APRStt, now you dont...

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