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RE: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

Hello Scott

> dont think they are covered, but in england, we are classed as secondry
> users on that band, so i assume its a case of accept anything and dont
> if theres someone talking about there shopping list while using ao-40 :).
> thats what i understand secondry user as anyways :)

This is a good point. What are we secondary to, and is there a pecking

In the UK I've always assumed that we share the band with many other
services including Military, Home Office, Civil LPDs [aka Part 15 devices in
the US] including a number of devices including tagging, spread spectrum,
radio LANs etc.

So are hams above or below part 15 devices in the pecking order?

For myself the question is academic at the moment, but I know from the bb
that some are already suffering problems of 'spectrum re-use'.

Howard G6LVB

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