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Re: An experiment 2.4 GHz SS Cordless vs Weak Signal

>> > think we need to design a 2.4g beacon that we can put in our yard to
>> > keep 2.4g phones away.
>> > W4SCO
** SNIP **
What would be needed is a source much closer to 2401, such as a 'personal
>attended beacon' on 2402 MHz - far enough away from the downlink such that
>the 144MHz IF radio would filter it at the IF frequency, but close enough so
>that the phone would think that it is a blocked channel, and go somewhere
>less intrusive such as 2410, 2420 or whatever.  It would help to keep WLANs
>away as well.

Yeh, you remember I made this recommendation back a week or so ago.  I
agree that the beacon ought to be near the operating freq.  

Here's an idea on how to make one:  Take a dead Drake convertor and move
the LO up to 2402 MHz (ala the "Dead Duck" article in a recent Amsat
Journal article).  That would give you maybe 0 to +5 dBm output.  Run that
into a 20 dB mmic amp and you have your 100 mw beacon.  Want more?  I
believe DEMI has just announced a 10w amp for 2.3 GHz!  Run that when you
are not on AO-40 and it should clear a nice circle around your neighborhood
of such devices.  To be nice you should shut it off when AO-40 is visible
so your fellow satellite operators aren't affected...but maybe it won't
desense your preamp?

And hey it makes a nice signal source for checking out your system!


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