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RE: ao-40 schedule info

Stott Elliott wrote:

>hi there,

>just about to try ao-40 and i just checked the sched, according to the
>amsat-dl site (before i go on, the ma is around 2-3 ish) and it says, 
> >this,

>(from ma 240 to 005)
>mb *
>v-rx *

>what do these stars mean? :)
>silly question but i cant see any info on that page saying what they >are

>thanks for any help and hope to speak (if not hear) you on ao-40 :)

Hello Scott, that's very simple to undestand, the star means the "rig" is 
able to work, and in this case V-RX is ON and MB Middle beacon in ON on S2 
downlink from MA 240 till MA 05.
If you are able to receive the telemetry then you can see the status of RX 
and TX and the matrix same at this ASCII schedule on the mailbox windows.

73 de Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org

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