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Re: Question on AO-40 Offpoint Angles and Alon/Alat

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 KB7ADO@aol.com wrote:

 >I understand that the command team is still working to determine this 
 >satellite's position in order to tweak the ALat/ALon with the intent to go to 
 >0/0.  The terms are usually reversed (ALon/ALat) in discussion, but 
 >InstantTrack requires them to be entered in the previous order.  Still, 
 >something doesn't seem right when it comes to projected squint angles for my 
 >location in Washington.  I'm using the new version of InstantTrack and enter 
 >the Attitude just as it should be.  From what it's telling me, I will never 
 >see an offpoint angle under 46.  Even when it is that low, the schedule has 
 >the passbands off, and the bird is barely off the horizon.  Most of the time 
 >the angles are in the 100-170 range.  Is the 0/0 adjustment considered to be 
 >the optimum setting, or is the intent to eventually be something else?  I ran 
 >the projections using the approximate current settings of  0/330 as well as 
 >0/0.  For this location, there isn't much difference between the two.  It 
 >appears I'll never see the 20 degree angles some people have talked about, 
 >unless something has been entered wrong in InstantTrack.  Just in case I 
 >wasn't putting them in right, I tried entering the numbers reversed, but it 
 >wouldn't accept them.
 >Bob, KB7ADO
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Hi Bob,

the current alon/alat values are about 333/0 
I'm using InstantTrack 1.52 and yuo must enter +333 / +0 -Z as the
attitude of the satellite...
It's important to use -Z not +Z ...

'73 de Piero IW1FXZ

Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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