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Fw: Nova_Tune

    Hello Nova_Tune Users,
        I have Nova_Tune installed and have had some success at times in
 controlling doppler.  .  I would greatly
    the opportunity to compare notes with other users of Nova_Tune.
            I have had  success in getting it working for short periods of
 time  with AO-40 but find frequency
    setups/tuning  hard to do. I have software ver 1.0.7.a
        My station consists of 2 Yaesu 736R radios, one for Tx the other for
    The receiver is fed with an SSB  UEK 3000 downconverter.  I am using a
 Myers dish
  Rx and an M Squared 436CP30 for the Tx antenna. Running about 25 watts
    the antenna.
         Signals are generally very good  with low squint.  It has been
   trade excellent SSTV pictures with a station in Germany using Nova_Tune
  at my station with
    doppler correction.
        I understand there are dozens of stations  who have Nova_Tune.  What
are others experiencing in getting  NT setup and on a desired
    frequency??  Is everyone using the 2836.989 satellite transponder
frequency that is set by default?   Does doppler correction hold for
extended periods of time? What is the longest without retuning?   Any info
 appreciated.  Thanks, Farrell Winder, W8ZCF
   Cincinnati, Ohio..

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