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Re: Info Needed

Many thanks to Pieter, Rick, Alex, Tim, Achim, William and Gunther
for info regarding my request for info. I have a 1.2 meter dish
that I tried a patch feed on which didn't seem to work just right.
Noise was high and the signal level down compared to my coffee
can feed. Five of the individuals suggested using a helix instead
of the patch. I built a five and one half turn helix and the result
was the noise dropped and signals increased. I did not have a scalar
ring on the patch which may have helped. Tim the designer of the patch
pointed out that dimensions are critical but it looks like I'm in
the ball park with mine.

The general thought is that the patch over illuminates my dish. This
is where within reason a scalar ring could allow a fine tuning
of the illumination.

The rain finally stopped today and I tried to hear the bird (AO40)
with no success so I may have water in the feed. All these tests
were done without test equipment. S meter only. So more tests will
be done as soon as I find my problem.

Again thanks to all who responded.

Jack W4AD
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