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RE: Sirius & XM Twisted !!!!!

-bb members:
We have one BIG ally in the National Association of Broadcasters who do not
like the idea that these people are not planning to register the LOCATION of
any of these repeaters. All the FCC licensed commercial operators must list
the location of their tower and obtain a FCC tower registration number as
well as provide ERP etc for interference problems. These jokers also do not
wish to discuss the power levels. They are trying to put together a national
group of repeaters that can be fed local insertion programming to put them
in competition with your local radio station!!! Last week they received a
patent covering an algorithm that allows them to do this from the bird.
Basically, XM's word is worth nothing and we will soon see about Sirius..
With XM, it is all about the money....
Gunther Meisse

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