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Re: AO-40 squint

I just finished building a 4.5 turn helix to test with my dish. Next pass where
I'm home to test looks like this weekend, I should know then if the additional
turns make an improvement on higher squints.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Common "Helix" knowledge would say that with your offset dish which probably
has a f/d of 0.7 that you should be running a 4.5-5.5 turn helix for optimum

I just put in a post for an old Primestar dish, I'll let you know in a
couple of weeks what feed I'll use/what results I have with it.  It's
roughly the same as a 90cm offset dish in f/d, gain, etc.

Fred W0FMS

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>My current setup seems to capture 100% blocks/frames with good CRC's from
>when the squint is 20 degrees or less and the ratio of good to bad drops
>dramatically after the squint increases above 20, so I usually quit trying
>copy at this point - I am using a 90cm offset dish and a 2 1/2 turn helix
>Transystem 3733. My system hears very well - last week I was able to copy
>Helaps sideband noise. According to the "AO-40 S2 Squint Analysis by VK5HI"
>the AMSAT web, it says that "Optimal error free downlink performance using
>S2 downlink for telemetry captures occurs at squint angles less than 35
>My question:   Is anyone reliably coping blocks/frames with good CRC's at
>squints? Say 25 and up? How high?
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535
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