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ft-736 problems with downconverters... help :)

hi there,

ive read about the 736 accidently tx'ing into a downconverter when switching
from rx vfo to tx vfo. and as im getting a downconverter with not much money
to spend on replacing bits for it every month or so. i would like to know
how a rf protector works.

i assume its basically a dummy load up to what ever amount of power you
build it too. but before building this and thinking it will work, then just
to blow it up anyways. i just wanted to check to see if my idea is correct.
i know it will stop the power, but im not sure what it will do to the
received signal.

plus if it is basically a inline dummy load type of thing. that would also
stop any voltage going through to power the d/c. (just thought of that
problem :).

anyone got any ideas on this?

thanks for any help :P

Scott Elliott

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