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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2002 #52

Hi Nagesh,

You are maybe right about VU. There are maybe only a few satellite amateurs 
who have no (acces to) 70cm equipment.

Here in Europe, and in USA, and many more countries this is opposite. It is 
very well known amoung satellite amateurs that FM satellites are very 
inefficient. First because of power budget, second because it is only one 
channel, and third because they are crowded by many stations.

Using SSB is much better. It will give also much more options and more qso's 
that can be held in better conditions. The bands that be used are not very 
important. 29MHz and 145MHz is maybe an option for India.

About an FM GEO sat. Please forget this !! Then half the world will get the 
problems we already now have above Europe with the LEO FM's.
The GEO's have to be kept out of the level of portable handheld stations. 
You can imagine how many amateurs will try to uplink  ????
We must not only count the AMSATs but also many many more amateurs, and 
none-amateurs !!! You ever think there will be made an good qso ?

Then it can be difficult to have acces to UHF equipment, but there are also 
very simple down-convertor designs that go from 70cm --> 10m.
With their 145MHz SSB and HF+convertor they can easy work FO20 and FO29 :-) 
Without the convertor they can also easy work the sputniks in MODE-A.

Satellite is not as difficult as many amateurs think,
But don't think you can get the maximum with having only a little station!

73 de PE1RAH, William

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