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Dish made of aluminium foil.


Last weekend I worked at my 80cm diameter dish for use at 13cm.
The dish I made is ultra-light and ultra little to transport .-)

How I did it ? Very easy. I made an inflatable dish .-)
The idea is very simple, but working great !!!!

Today I inflated the dish, and compared it with my 80cm solid dish.
I measured the test signals with my spectrum analyser and there was no 
difference between the inflatable and solid dish.
The reflector material I use aluminium foil, that can be bought as heat 
reflector to stick behind heat-radiators :-)

It was not easy to keep the parabolic shape, but after several tries I 
succeeded in an design that keeps the parabolic shape and has no losses 
compared with its solid sister dish.

This dish design can be put in the pocket to carry it hehe. It takes about 2 
minutes to inflate, and is made of an 100% reflector (no wires, or holes in 
it). I will do some tests with it on 10GHz later to know how good this 
material is.

About the costs ? I payed 30 Euro to get everything from the store, but I 
only used about 10% of the material hehe.

I will make some pictures later...
At the moment I am looking for strong, light and air closed material, to 
mechanicaly improve my dish.

Maybe someone has an idea ? Maybe ripstok nylon used at kites ???

73 de PE1RAH, William

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