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Need FT-736R alignmnet instructions

Can anyone with a technical supplement for the 736R either:

1) make me a copy, or
2) scan or copy the relevant pages for aligning the receiver?

Specifically, my 736 is off freq just a tad on 2m, but the error is 
sufficient on 440 to cause it to be off far enough that it won't lock onto 
repeaters during scan mode.  So this tells me it is an adjustment common to 
all bands.  Haven't checked 1.2 yet but I bet it's off 5-10kHz there.

I cringe at spending $60 for this manual, and would rather just send the rig 
back to Yaesu for that amount and have it done completely right.

Can anyone help out?

Thanks in advance
Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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