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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2002 #50 - Newbie Q & A - `VU' viewpoint

I circulated the Newbie Q & A among my VU friends. One of the replies made
an interesting reading. Here I am sharing with you. I am sure there will be
many more who have similar views.

-nagesh vu2nud@amsat.org
co-ordinator, Amsat-India
Dear Nagesh,
The information is quite useful and very encouraging
for the newcomer like me. Though every ARRL handbook
(that I have) talks of simple approach to satellite
work, information like the one you sent is food for
I, for one, always tend to skip modes like satellite,
SSTV and other specialised comm. modes thinking that
the required station setup is too elaborate. The
subject title Myth & Reality is apt.

With due respect to all the foreign hams active on
satellite work, information on some VU hams' station
setup (especially homebrewed) for satellite work will
be more beneficial in my opinion.
Like me, not many VU hams have access to UHF; a simple
setup with VHF/VHF, VHF/HF or HF/VHF uplink/ downlink
will open this very interesting mode to many VU hams.

Of course, we have come a long way from the days of
SX-28 and the likes but I'm sure station setup details
of such pioneers' are a confidence booster.
On the other hand, some imported equipment costing a
couple of lakhs that will get us going on Satellite
quickly and easily!! But does it help the average
amateur in VU??

Prem, vu2jmx

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