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Alluminized Mylar Reflectors

Just a quick quip about using space blankets as reflectors..

NASA's first attempts at communication satellites used a similar
alluminized balloon as a reflector at microwave frequencies..


Also, I know first hand that at a local airport, pilots routinely
stuff space blankets into the nooks and crannies of their glidders to
make them visible to radar. Otherwise, being almost entirely
fiberglass, they don't give much of a return. The space blankets are
much lighter then other foils.

I believe the chaff ejected from military jets to confuse the guidence
of missles and jam radar is just strips of the same material.

In the same vein, I know that occasionally plastic cases are sprayed
with an alluminized paint to shield them from RF interference or
radiaton.. perhaps this paint is available which would make the home
made lightweight reflector concept even easier. I'm willing to bet
some of the metallic Krylon sprays at Walmart could make something
reflective at S band frequencies.

Jason White - N1XBP
Bayonette Point, FL - EL88qi
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