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RE: Newbie Q & A


What I see is that everyone is talking about UO14 as the satellite for 
beginners. There is only one solution !!!! This is what I said many times 
before ==> "We need more transponders and no more FM sats !!!"

Transponders give much more fun, and these are also workable with low power 
stations. I worked FO20 and FO29 many time on 2W with my FT290 and FT790 !!! 
These sats give also much more fun, and they allow many many more modes for 
communication. The UO14 and AO27 are more like the local FM repeater here 

Then it is also possible to work via an crowdy FM satellite with only little 
power. There are many stations listening to the un-ruled downlink signal, 
and they listen to portable,mobile, or weak stations.
They then will try to work these stations, and try to RX this station and 
make everyone quiet with their "larger" station.

So, lets make some more transponders and launch them into space, and lets 
make some more local FM repeaters instead of those FM sats .-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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