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Re: Info needed

> Jack wrote:
> I am using a 1.2 meter offset fed dish with a K3TZ patch
> feed and the received levels seem to be down as compared
> to my 4 foot dish with a coffee can linear feed. Has any
> one used the 1.2 meter dish with the patch feed? I would be
> interested in hearing their results. Or does anyone know
> if the patch is compatible with the 1.2 meter one. Not
> under or over illuminating it. Are the dimensions for the
> patch critical. I'm probably in the ballpark of a 32nd of
> an inch. Good enough?

Most patch feed designs are optimized for an f/D of .3 to .4.  Offset dishes
typically have an f/D of .5 to .6.  It should be possible to build a patch
for that dish, but most folks seem to find it easier to build and use a
helical feed.

73 de Rick, KG6IAL

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