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Re: Newbie Q & A

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Terry Bendell wrote:

> No it's just one of those old Foggie Ham Radio Operators code of ethics
> to use the least amount of power to accomplish communications.

I agree, and unfortunately, that kinda brings us back to square one.  If
the satellite uplink is saturated with say dozens of 5 watt users, and no
one is getting through because there are too many people doubling with
each other, then the question becomes, what is the least amount of power
necessary to accomplish communications?

The problem is too many people trying to share a single resource and talk
at once.  If the  channel was clear, then a 5W station can get in just as
easily as a 500  watt station.  This is demonstrated daily as many 5W
QSO's take place... just not when there are 50 others trying...

> I might point out that PCSAT so far hasn't really panned out for
> the "remote" travellers to use the top secret super hush hush
> uplink frequency. Why not open [it] up to the low power group
> and let the 50 watt plus crowd stay on the current uplink?

We also wonder about how to better use that channel.  We have thought
about that, but even on 145.825, we only see about a dozen stations a day.
There is plenty of room, so it doesnt seem worth it to sacrifice the
reserved low-power channel access when the primary channel when there is
plenty of room there.  I hear frequent reports from many people who get
into 145.825 with 5 watts.

> Just my thoughts no offence intended Bob.

Thanks. They are good thoughts.  We also have not figured out a good way
to use the 144.39 uplink channel effectively either.  The one thing we
worry about is that since it comes down everywhere in the USA, it offers
just too much of a carrot for then everyone to jump on it and try to be
"seen" on 144.39 everwyhere.  THus, it would become totally saturated, and
also the constantly busy 144.39 downlink would be too busy and might
irritate present users.

We DO solicit ideas on how to use this channel more effectively.
What we had hoped was that a few people would put up IGates there and
some software so that we could forward Messages to some special 144.39
Traverlers who were out of range terrestrially, but so far no one has
stepped up to the plate, and only two people have asked for special

We doubt PCsat will last more than about a year, so we are half way
through the mission, and would like to see more live QSO's on the bird..

But the one thing I think we can ALL agree with is that people should
share.  If they run 50W to be heard, then.. be heard and back off.  THen
let someone else be heard..  I think I once counted QSO's and it seemes to
me that in general only about 15 to 20 successful 2-way contacts can be
made on UO14 or AO27 during a single pass.  THus if there are more than 15
or 20 people trying, then the fair distribution would be one contact

This way, the Alligator guys wouuld all make their contacts and then the
rest of the pass would be left open for the lower power stations.  As each
lower power station gets his contact, then by the end, the 1W guys would
have a clear channel!

So it is more of a sharing issue, not really a power problem in my

de WB4APR, Bob

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