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RE: Re: Re: QRM ON 2.4 GIG

On 17-Mar-02 Bruce Rahn wrote:
> Far from a stupid question.  I have a Siemens 2.4 spread spectrum phone
> system here.  This weekend I finally got around to looking at things on the
> spectrum analyzer.
> In the case of the Siemens, it looks as if both uniques periodically
> interrogate each other.  I had to unplug the base unit before the frequency
> hopping pulses went away.  I've got some more digging to do as I thought the
> Siemens employed both a 900 MHz as well as 2.4 GHz link.  But I saw 2.4 GHz
> activity from both the handset and the base unit.  I didn't take the time to
> look at the 900 MHz band.
>   Your mileage may vary with another brand of phone.

Do the 2.4 GHz cordless phones have multiple frequency ranges?  Or do they
expect to solve all their interference problems using spread spectrum.  I
thought some of the networking stuff did.  Maybe if you set up a weak beacon
(even for a few seconds) the phone would decide it liked its other frequency
range better?

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