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RE: Re: Re: QRM ON 2.4 GIG

Ron and company,

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> stuff deleted (anq)

> I hear pulses too and I have a 2.4 spread spectrum phone.

Same here!

> stuff deleted (anq)

> My (stupid) question is. Does the phone transmit even when it is on-hook
> do I have to unplug the base unit? Your post seems to say I must unplug
> I'm not sure I am hearing my phone or a neighbors.

Far from a stupid question.  I have a Siemens 2.4 spread spectrum phone
system here.  This weekend I finally got around to looking at things on the
spectrum analyzer.

In the case of the Siemens, it looks as if both uniques periodically
interrogate each other.  I had to unplug the base unit before the frequency
hopping pulses went away.  I've got some more digging to do as I thought the
Siemens employed both a 900 MHz as well as 2.4 GHz link.  But I saw 2.4 GHz
activity from both the handset and the base unit.  I didn't take the time to
look at the 900 MHz band.

  Your mileage may vary with another brand of phone.

> thanks, ron w8gus.

73 -- Bruce

Bruce Rahn

Wisdom has two parts:
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