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Re: Re: QRM ON 2.4 GIG

Rick Fletcher wrote:

 > Good chance it's one of the 2.4GHz wireless phone systems. I have one
 > in my house  (had it for a while before I got onto AO-40) and I have to
 > power it down to work AO-40.
 >It puts out strong pulses approximately once a second which is an 
 >message  to any handsets within it's operating perimeter.

I hear pulses too and I have a 2.4 spread spectrum phone.

My radio has a LCD type S-meter which responds quickly to signal changes.
If I set the radio to fast AGC, the pulses are very evident.

My (stupid) question is. Does the phone transmit even when it is on-hook or 
do I have to unplug the base unit? Your post seems to say I must unplug it. 
I'm not sure I am hearing my phone or a neighbors.

thanks, ron w8gus. 

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