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RE: Newbie Q & A

>> How come the real issue is NEVER talked about, the difficulty
>> lies in everyone pushing 50-100 watts into these birds, so 
>> the guy with a HT and whip is talking into the wind, come on 
>> we have to admit, hardly anyone is using the minimal power 
>> to get into the birds, if everyone was QRP it would be easy, 
>When I wrote something like this about 18 months ago, several
>on the list jumped on me.  So rather that put up with that... I
>just armed up with a big antennae and a 50 watt radio, and some
>good amps (100 and 160 watt) mounted on the tower.  Now I
>have successful QSOs when I want them, and no one has ever
>jumped on me for being QRO.
>This doesn't mean your point isn't valid.  It is also legal to drive
>a Honda Mo-Ped on the Auto-Bahn.  Your chances for success are
>about equal I would guess.  Doubt you will have much luck
>changing the situation.  I didn't.  If you can't beat them your
>way, you have to beat them their way.  Good luck.

Well this topic has been hashed to death before and it appears nothing will
change over CONUS.  Interesting to hear the comments from lower population
density parts of the world.  During the last ARRL Field Day, an admittedly
QRM prone event, Canadian, Alaskan and Hawaiian stations had a delightful
pass where all could access and operate cooperatively.  I operated
QRP-class for FD.  Over the lower-48 I had NO CHANCE...and just listened to
the havoc!

So technically QRP is workable if people will chose it.  I stay off
UO-14/AO-27 mostly because of this (although I can generate 10kW EIRP on 2m
if desired).  As soon as I can shovel my way to my antennas for some needed
repair work I'll be back on AO-40 (roof still has 3-foot snow on
it)(getting about 6-8 inches of new snow today).

Amsat Coord in Alaska
Amsat #3212
50-24,192 MHz
weak sig/sat/eme

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