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Re: Newbie Q & A

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Terry Bendell wrote:

> Sounds to me like you took a stand - PRO QRO.

Nope, not at all.  I was just explaining the facts of life...

> This ain't AM Bob, this is FM, remember the capture effect?

Yep, that is the whole point.  Capture effect in general needs about 10
dB or so for one station to capture.  WIthout that difference, you get a
"double" and no one can make any sense out of the collision.  Two 5 watt
stations arriving equally at the satellite will sound like a double just
like two 500 watt stations.  You cannot tell the difference.  Its a
double.  No one wins. no communications occurs.

> If there is going to be collisions so be it, but lets do it with only
> the least amount of power required to do the job.

Ah, isnt that like the great wall street advice "buy low, sell high"?
Works every time...

Other than for commanding PCsat, all of my operations for the last few
years have usually been with the HT.  But by the same token, I can't
really condem the aligators either.  In fact, I am glad when they hear my
QRP and respond.  If they were also QRP, then chances are no one would
have a 2-way... and I would not get a good response to my QRP demo.

Again, the thing that makes it hard is too many people.  Nothing will
solve that except fewer people.  And that is easy to do by choosing your
time to operate.  When I give handheld HT demos through UO-14 and or AO-27
during morning labs to students standing out doors, we are always
successful.  In fact, sometimes there is no one on and we have to call CQ!

By the same token, I never operate at night, so I dont konw what it is
like then... but I would imagine it is very busy.

de WB4APR, Bob

> >Without taking a stand either way, I would say there would be no real
> >improvement..   In fact the number of completed QSO's would be worse.  A
> >collision is a collision.  Whether it is two stations with 5 watts or
> >with 500.  Neither one will be heard.
> >
> >Yes, there are lots of folks that  use HT's on these birds.  No, they
> >won't win in a collision with a 500W station, and neither will they be
> >heard in a collision with another 5w station either.  But when the bird
> >has a gap and no one else hits it, then he can be heard.
> >
> >Good luck.
> >bob
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