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RE: Newbie Q & A

Hi Nagesh,

It is not very difficult to work the satellites when having good equipment. 
Last hollidays I went with my friend Dirk ON5GS thrue Europe and we could 
work The FM sats (UO14,AO27) and ssb sats (FO20, FO29) with only little 
station equipment.

To work the satellites 10W PEP is already enough, and its better to work via 
the ssb sats, because they are not crowded like the FM sats.

The most important thing is the antenna and tracking system. For beginners 
the tracking can be done by hand. Even an OSCAR handheld 2m/70cm yagi 
antenna can be used easily with some practice.

You can look on my website to have an idea of my portable station an 
(selfmade) handheld antenna.

73 de PE1RAH, William


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