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RE: Newbie Q & A

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> How come the real issue is NEVER talked about, the difficulty
> lies in everyone pushing 50-100 watts into these birds, so 
> the guy with a HT and whip is talking into the wind, come on 
> we have to admit, hardly anyone is using the minimal power 
> to get into the birds, if everyone was QRP it would be easy, 

When I wrote something like this about 18 months ago, several
on the list jumped on me.  So rather that put up with that... I
just armed up with a big antennae and a 50 watt radio, and some
good amps (100 and 160 watt) mounted on the tower.  Now I
have successful QSOs when I want them, and no one has ever
jumped on me for being QRO.

This doesn't mean your point isn't valid.  It is also legal to drive
a Honda Mo-Ped on the Auto-Bahn.  Your chances for success are
about equal I would guess.  Doubt you will have much luck
changing the situation.  I didn't.  If you can't beat them your
way, you have to beat them their way.  Good luck.

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