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spraying the 2.4ghz helix with some paint. :)

hi there,

just wondering about spraying my helix with some black kobe lacker (dont
know how to spell it correctly :) which ive used to stop rust with steal
frames, just wondering if anyone has used this or something like it with a
helix, or if anyone knows if this will effect the helix in any way.

also while im here, is it better to centre mount the helix on a normal astra
60cm dish, cause i would like it so i dont have to figure out the 21 odd
degree angle with everything else. basicly cause im lazy :P.
ive seen the same sort of setup used on 10ghz on a spun type of dish, and
wondered if it could be converted.

ALSO, (only meant to ask about one thing, but ive just remembered loads of
things :)
is it possible to use 2 dishes to get more gain. does it work on the same
pricipal as duel antenna's and like g6lvb's quad helix?

thanks for any help :)

Speak to you later.
Scott Elliott

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