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Aluminium heat reflector = RF reflector


Today I tested the aluminium foil that is used behind heaters to reflect the 
heat towards the room, instead of getting into the walls.

I tested this material already at 10GHz, but some amateurs still doubt it, 
if it was usable at 13cm. So today I did some testing at 2m and 70cm.

I have taken my OSCAR 2m/70cm handheld antenna for recieving. First on 70cm 
and later also on 2m. I first measured an 70cm signal with the antenna fully 
complete. Then I put of the reflector elements, and I got 3dB less recieving 
signal. Then I took some plastic pipe and put some of the heat reflector 
material around this pipe and sticked it with some tape. Then I placed this 
pipe with the material on the same place where the reflectors had been, and 
guess what !!! The signal was like the signal with the original reflectors 

This test I did do also on 2m and it also worked.
So now I am sure this material will also reflect on 13cm, and I am already 
constructing an 1,6m diameter size parabolic dish with it.
No, not with the umbrella principle .-) My idea is much lighter, cheaper, 
and even much much smaller to transponder hehe.

What my idea is, I will tell you later when I am ready with the design of 
it. But this material can ofcourse also been used with the umbrella design. 
It is a very strong material, and even when it will damage, it costs 
relative cheap and spare dishes can easily been made.

PS: About the emergency blankets I have no idea if they will work, but I 
guess this is the same material.

Okee 73 de PE1RAH, William.

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