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SWR testing of AO-40 S-band antennas

Hello list,

I am lucky enough to have just come into ownership of a calibrated HP 8616A
S band signal generator. I would like to learn how to use it to generate
test signals and measure the SWR of my various AO-40 antennas (G3RUH helix,
patches, etc.). I know I'll need a coupler or slotted line as well as a
meter. Does anyone know where I could find the "basics" of this sort of
thing at microwave frequencies? I understand the basic procedure as
illustrated in the ARRL manual, but there isn't much about microwave
frequencies. I assume it's similar.. Is there any information that would be
of help to me in the Microwave experimenters book from ARRL, or the Mode S
book from Amsat?


N1XBP - Jason White
EL88qi - Hudson, FL

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