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Re: Re: Rescue tile RF reflective ?

Hi William,

>This is the test that this material really reflects HF radiation !!!
>It reflects/blocks HF even very good, and it is also mechanicaly very 

At 10ghz, almost anything becomes a reflector, no?  Otherwise,
RADAR and those automatic door openers would never work.  But,
you can't get good performance from a dish made from a wooden
salad bowl.  I think we need a more quantitative test than the
one you did to know if it would really make a good reflector.
(I suppose one way to find out is to build one...)

>What I find out is that an CD is also reflective hehe. Maybe they can be
>used as an 23cm rediator :-) Direct electrical connection will be an 
>but maybe with some capacitive coupling it would work.

Ah! Finally a good use for all those AOL CD's...  A 1.2 ghz disk

Greg  KO6TH

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