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Re: RE: About ALON/ALAT of AO-40

Hi Wayne

> On a related topic, I can see why some people would not want to undertake a
> DXpedition when the squint is 330/0 if they can wait a few weeks for it to
> be 0/0.  The access time is about 3 times longer, resulting in larger
> coverage areas and a much greater probability of reaching people when they
> are not sleeping or working.

Thats one of the reasons for my question. AO-40 *is* available at the moment, 
with very good signals. Unfortunately the access times are relatively short 
(which is not too much of a problem), but more importantly inconvenient. A 
lot of passes from here have the transponder switching off at around 
breakfast time. With all due respect to the people who need HB0, I am not a 
martyr and am not a "morning person" and I want the DX-pedition to be fun for 
me as well as the people who work me/us.

Final plans have not been worked out yet, but we hope to have two separate 
AO-40 stations active, or one station active on AO-10 if it is available. I 
hope to use a frequency below the beacon. It appears that people think that 
AO-40 is AO-10/13 where the beacon was at the bottom of the passband, and 
it'll keep us away from the normal activity and maybe encourage people to 
spread out a bit more on AO-40.

> Wayne Estes W9AE
> Mundelein, IL, USA

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