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Re: Rescue tile RF reflective ?


I posted the question about the "rescue blankets" if they are HF 

Ofcourse I was not sitting down and waited for answers but I went on 
searching to find some of this kind of material. Like I mentioned in my 
previous mail, it is also used as heat reflector behind heater-radiators in 

And guess what I found ?
Yes it was also behind the heater in my home :-)
So I "borrowed" an little peace of this material for test (my mom was not 
very happy about it, she tought I would use everything, but a little peace 
was okee :-)

Then I tested the material with use of an 10GHz gunn-diode and 10GHz TV 
satellite LNC where I monitored the signal at my spectrum analyser.
Then I put the material in front of the LNC and it blocked the signal 
completely !!!! Then I changed the RX input oposite of the TX output to get 
no signal input. When I put the material in front of the RX input (like an 
dish) the signal came backe and it worked like an reflector.

This is the test that this material really reflects HF radiation !!!
It reflects/blocks HF even very good, and it is also mechanicaly very 

Ofcourse I am also interrested in the rescue blankets if they are HF 
reflective. I guess the resistor of the material is very high because it is 
coated with some protection layer, but maybe it is still an good HF 

What I find out is that an CD is also reflective hehe. Maybe they can be 
used as an 23cm rediator :-) Direct electrical connection will be an problem 
but maybe with some capacitive coupling it would work.

As you see, sometimes solutions are more easy than we think :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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