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RE: Newbie questions...

> ties in with my experience).     Many LEOs are accessible with simple
> equipment - Uo-14, FO-20, FO-29, NO-44, NO-45.    AO-27 is 
> out because it is
> turned off "down-under".
> As I am only licenced to transmit above 29MHz, so some of the 
> sats in some
> of their modes are off limits.    I will check out the 
> frequencies and give
> them a try.

I routinely work UO-14 with handhelds and only 1.5W uplink.
> Do all of the sats mentioned above (Uo-14, FO-20, FO-29, 
> NO-44, NO-45) have
> operational beacons as I think this would the best way of 
> seeing if I can
> detect them in the first instance.

No. UO-14 you have to listen for the carrier (actually carries FM open
squelch noise when there is no uplink).  I believe FO-20's beacon is non
functional.  FO-29 has a beacon.
> Unfortunately the Arrow II antenna is not available down here 
> according to
> my queries to Arrow (they don't ship down-under and don't 
> have any agents)

Home brew :)  I use a home brew beam for 2m/70cm.
> Thanks guys for the information - my enthusiasm has picked up again.
> Thanks also for the URLs to individual sites.  I will check 
> them out this
> weekend.

Are you within range of an IRLP node?  I'm happy to talk you through UO-14.
We can liaise before the pass, QSY to the bird then get back onto IRLP to
compare notes afterwards.  I can also do ICQ if you want to liaise via that

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