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RE: About ALON/ALAT previsions of AO-40


Is my personal opinion, 0.8 degrees or 1.0 degrees are not BIG difference.
I report my equipment for to work AO-40 :

Uplink in 70Cm  13el RHCP pol. max power 35watt,coax length 35meter RG213!!

Downlink 80cm offset dish,5turn helix,downconverter from Cal Amp.

So, why I said this...my noise is abt 1.8db when a DB6NT downconverter have 
With this conditions I worked WC9C in SSTV when sat was at 44.000 Km and 
Alon/Alat was 313/2 and my max power,SSTV is not like voice but very 
Today, with AO-40 at 56.000KM I worked DJ1KM and 4X1AS and the Alon/ALAT is 

In QRP mode, only 4 watt I worked I8CVS,IT9UJY when ALON/ALAT was 300/9
If I work in CW then I have to decrease my power at 10-15 watt and it is 
enough to work AO-40 now better than 3 weeks ago.

If you try to take a look at follow link, you can see how many stations are 
present on AO-40 during the pass.


If you want, you can compare my rig like a DX-spedition.

73 de Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org

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