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Re: Newbie questions...

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>thanks to those who replied to my questions.   If I got the information
>right, there are currently no sats which can be accessed by simple equipment
>(e.g., fixed turnstiles).
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Steve, this just isn't true. I moved house recently (from one side of the 
world to the other) and don't yet have my antennas and rotators set up. 
However, I've made a number of successful QSOs on UO14 using simple 
antennas. How simple? Tx is 20 watts into a home built quarter-wave 
vertical. Rx is a 70 cm folded dipole bent from bronze brazing rod. What's 
more, I can hear myself on FO29 (SSB) too. Using a wire dipole on 15 
metres, in can put a good signal into RS13 (21 MHz up, 2m down).

I would be able to work AO27 too, if only it was turned on over this part 
of the world.

Using a modem built from a salvaged TCM3105, I've also sent packets through 
the ISS and copied those from PCSat (actually, you can do this with a sound 
card too).

So... yes, in fact. There ARE plenty of satellites that you can work using 
simple fixed antennas.

Steve, using my simple set up, I regularly work VK3HV, VK3UH, VK3AJK, 
VK3BLG, VK4KR, VK3TBC,  and VK3JED on UO14. There are also others on less 

UO14 is easily the busiest down here. Most of the others are rather quiet, 
with sadly, little activity (well... ISS is busy).

Sil - ZL2CIA (ex PA3HIL)

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