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Re: Newbie questions...

G'day All,

Thanks to all those who sent replies to the group and directly.     Summary
is as follows:-    RS-15 is hard, don't try it as a starter (good - that
ties in with my experience).     Many LEOs are accessible with simple
equipment - Uo-14, FO-20, FO-29, NO-44, NO-45.    AO-27 is out because it is
turned off "down-under".

As I am only licenced to transmit above 29MHz, so some of the sats in some
of their modes are off limits.    I will check out the frequencies and give
them a try.

Do all of the sats mentioned above (Uo-14, FO-20, FO-29, NO-44, NO-45) have
operational beacons as I think this would the best way of seeing if I can
detect them in the first instance.

Unfortunately the Arrow II antenna is not available down here according to
my queries to Arrow (they don't ship down-under and don't have any agents).

Thanks guys for the information - my enthusiasm has picked up again.
Thanks also for the URLs to individual sites.  I will check them out this

73s  Steve Olney VK2ZTO

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