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Newbie questions...

G'day All,

Just some simple newbie questions.  I have had the thrill of hearing the RS-15 
beacon a few days ago.  However, I could not hear my own signal.   Is RS-15 
working ?   I was only running 50W to a vertical.   Are there any Mode A sats 
working these days ?

Failing that, are there any sats that can be currently worked via simple 
turnstile antennas (2m/70cm).

For a newbie there is a lot of out-of-date sat information on the Web.  I got 
all enthused about some sats mentioned on a site, only to find on other sites 
that the sats were no longer operational.   For those who already know, this is 
not a problem, but for tenderfoots like myself it is confusing, and worse, 

Is there a site with some up-to-date newbie information ?


Steve Olney

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