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Re: Radar interference..

Hi Andrea,  See Comments below.

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Subject: Radar interference..

> Hello Farrell,
> thank you for your interesting images and question.
> I know about the "theory" of radar interference on AO-40 but I have for
> answer other question:
> 1- where Sysops supposed is located the Radar ?

It has been mentioned that the old system for radiolocation "SYLEDIS" might
be back ??
However, it is believed that the most likely source may be "PAVE PAWS",  70
cm high power radars that were troublesome when the Sysops were trying to
command AO-13.  Don't know  all the places these radars are located but
understand several places in the states.These radars serve to locate ship
based ICBM trajectories and satellites but understand they may not interfere
as much in Asia.
> I don't know what kind of SSTV (power input to the trasponder) during
> test in Kouru befor the launch was done because this problem appear just
> after the orbit and,unlike,after the motor problem.

> Do you know if during parking time the ground control stations had
> performing tests ?

Don't know if any SSTV testiing was done on AO-40 before launch.

> If we try to compare a lot of images from different locations and orbit of
> the satellite maybe we are able to define what it's really the problem.
> This is my personal opinion,like should be interesting transmit and
> from different location only blank (one colour) image just to see the
> clearly.

> I think the best result should be with only black and withe screen.

Yes,  a black and white test pattern this would serve to be more sensitive.

> In this case we have to see perfect interference and period time during
> reception.
> I would like to know what do you thing abt this idea, and, in any case we
> can collect images from different locations from west -central-east
> emisphere.

Yes, very good idea.

> I'm available to do this experiment in different time and range of AO-40,
> just to define a start date with Hams communities.
> P.S. you are able to publish on Amsat-bb content of this message if you
> thing is a good idea.
> Best Regards,
> Andrea IT9GSV@amsat,org
> http://www.qsl.net/it9gsv
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