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Re: Sporting Equipment ?


I did exactly what you are proposing last spring.  I made a carrier of
2-inch diam black PVC pipe using two end caps.  I drilled holes in both
caps in their center to allow 1/4-inch rope to pass thru to make a carry
strap placing knots inside the caps.  I found that they fit tight enough to
not need anything to hold them together.  The tube was 25-inches long which
accommodated my Arrow fine.  Most people assumed that I was carrying my
fishing pole as many sportsman use a similar looking tube for this purpose
to take their break-down rod along on a business trip or flying to a remote
fishing destination.  I carried the tube on-board rather than placing it in
my suitcase.  

My experience with checked baggage is that usually does not arrive with me
or they open my bags and steal whatever interests them...so much for
security!  In my last three trips where I checked baggage it was lost three
times...need I say more.  Oh they did compensate my stolen item, six months
later...after I called it an enclosure with hardware...if I called it
electronics that is not covered...nice!  New oxymoron: "trust us we're the
airline"...wonder why folks are taking the bus?

Of course this is before 9/11.  I have not attempted to pass it thru
security since.  I flew to San Jose and Atlanta two weeks after 9/11 but
elected to not chance getting my portable 10 GHz station (housed in its own
case) and Arrow tube thru security.  I shipped them via FedEx to the
conference hotel.  Plane ticket cost $268.  FedEx cost $225.  This hobby
ain't cheap anymore!

They are really strange about what they consider a "weapon" now.  But if
you do take, it never use the term "arrow" when describing it...after all
arrows are weapons!  GL


At 08:22 AM 3/11/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a similar air-travel related question.. I'm going on a trip soon and
>would like to take my HT and Arrow II with me to get a little sat work in
>from another grid. I don't want to have anything destroyed or confiscated
>though (obviously). I was thinking about perhaps taking the arrow apart into
>it's small packable pieces and slipping them inside a piece of PVC pipe with
>endcaps to keep them from being crushed or mangled in my suitcase. Just
>wondering if anyone with more air travel experience could tell me if that
>would look odd enough to them to end up with my luggage being torn apart..
>Perhaps I should tape a photocopy of my license to the tube!
>Jason White - N1XBP
>EL88qi - Bayonette Point, FL

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