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Re: Sporting Equipment ?

I have a similar air-travel related question.. I'm going on a trip soon and
would like to take my HT and Arrow II with me to get a little sat work in
from another grid. I don't want to have anything destroyed or confiscated
though (obviously). I was thinking about perhaps taking the arrow apart into
it's small packable pieces and slipping them inside a piece of PVC pipe with
endcaps to keep them from being crushed or mangled in my suitcase. Just
wondering if anyone with more air travel experience could tell me if that
would look odd enough to them to end up with my luggage being torn apart..
Perhaps I should tape a photocopy of my license to the tube!

Jason White - N1XBP
EL88qi - Bayonette Point, FL

on 3/10/02 4:53 AM, Richard W L Limebear at Richard@g3rwl.demon.co.uk wrote:

> Gang
> Let me clarify my request.
> I often travel with ham gear and always carry the sensitive bits (rig, psu
> etc) in my shoulder bag with the antennas, cables etc in the suitcase. It
> gets a softer ride and avoids the weighing machines (standard trick eh).

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