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"Deaf" TH-F6 HT hears FO-29

After hearing Brent, VE5SWL, tell me that he had worked FO-29
using his Kenwood TH-F6 HT as the receiver, using just the
rubber duck antenna, I just had to try it myself.  After all,
I've been a bit vocal about how "deaf" my HT appeared to be.

Well, Brent's accomplishment was not a fluke.  This afternoon
I tried it with my supposedly "deaf" TH-F6, and, yes, the
stronger QSOs were heard.  Not real strong, and putting a
slightly longer antenna on (a Diamond RH77B) made for a big
improvement, but on a good pass I can see how you could make a
contact with it.  I also heard RS-13's mode-T 2 meter downlink
very well.  UO-14 wasn't very good (barely there on the "A" side,
nothing on "B").  RS-12's 10 meter Mode-K downlink wasn't to be
heard (not even the beacon).

You'll need a separate transmitter, of course, because the F6
isn't full duplex.  So, hooking a straight key into the PTT won't
be enough.  Still, the TH-F6 might make for part of a very
portable satellite station for a couple of the SSB/CW LEO birds.

Greg  KO6TH

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