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Re: Sporting Equipment ?

Speaking from experience working as a baggage handler and then a fueler at
Detroit Metro almost three years ago now, I can
say that the best bet for any luggage is not to take what you don't need. As a
baggage handler, I can claim to have actually
'thrown' a full size suitcase from on end of the cargo bin to the other and have
it rebound back to me and then just to kick it
back into play back to the other end. That was on a Boeing 737. On DC-9's and
MD-80's, Golf clubs and skis were another
story altogether. They just got "crammed" as much as we could to fit as much
into the holds based on how we needed to
balance the plane out.

Best bet is to see about actually 'shipping' the items via the airlines cargo
divisions. Everything there got treated better in terms
of storage and loading and packing. Plus you might be able to get insurance at a
cheap rate to cover anything that might be lost
or damaged.

James W8ISS

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