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I could hear AO40 :-)


Today I did some tests again, now with an patch antenna but without any 
signal from AO40.
I then tested my dish and I figured out that it only gives 10dB extra gain. 
It is an 60cm dish, and when I am right it has to give 20dB (?)

So after many testings, I tried again to hear AO40 with only the patch 
because my dish was in the mast, and I could hear the beacon very weak!

I quickly got the dish out of my mast and pointed it quickly to the 
direction of AO40, and I could recieve it with S4 :-)
I recieved it with the equipment I used many times without recieving the 
AO40 !!! So everythinh was okee, but the signal was just to weak...
The station is an 60cm dish with 1/4 element in metal can as feed, that goes 
to an NORSAT convertor, and an FT726 as RX. The satellite was at about 
30.000km (phase:137)

I tried the patch instead of the can feed, but it was only one S number 
extra. Recieving with only the can and patch was possible, but with an 
extreem weak signal.

I find out that 13cm is not the best band for /p station use (at the 
moment), and I am interrested when AO40 will be in the position that the 
antennas can be pointed straigh towards the earth. What signals on 13cm can 
be expected at apogeum when Ao40 has point its antennas directly towards the 
earth ?

The problem is that I want to get ride of these terrible dish hehe.
Its just to heavy to carry, and an umbrella dish is to fragile and would be 
physical to long. So I am looking for other antenna options with high gain 
and small size :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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