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Re: Sporting Equipment ?

just a thought.

why would customs care about what you take with you. cause it isnt exactly
explosive equipment :).
so what would be the problem. ive taken handhelds with me without any
slightly different i know, but its still radio equipment :).

Speak to you later.
Scott Elliott
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> Richard, Can't help on the "sporting equipment" side but suggest it might
> be worth asking an airline for the definition. Amateur radio equipment is
> incidental to travel as would be skiis, surfboard, 'cycle etc. You'd
> probably
> get away with antenna etc but the main rig may not quite meet the
> definition.
> Some words of caution.
> Security do not like HTs but permit cellphones! Remove the batteries and
> pack the antenna and other accessories in your luggage.
> If you try to take on board something of value which may attract the
> attention
> of security, have someone at the airport with you to take anything of
> back home. If security confiscate anything they deem an illegal carry-on
> item
> you will never see it again!
> DO NOT pack laptops in your luggage. They have (or did have) a habit of
> screen
> self anihilation which the airlines now refuse to cover. This may also
> to
> other equipment with larger liquid crystal screens. I'm not sure why this
> happens
> and no "experts" have been able to help. The only difference is handling
> temperature, holds are presurised the same as the cabin but the
> can
> get well below freezing on long flights. (If you worried about shipping an
> pet
> animal in a cold hold be assured they make sure they are in a special
> area.
> Its a check we always carried out when the hold load-sheet arrived.)
> Always pack your bag knowing it will be dropped serveral feet or just over
> metre!
> It amazing how well things actually survive the baggage handlers juggling.
> Note what the aircrew use for bags, hard cases are far better than soft.
> Crew are
> more experienced at travelling than anyone and have probably lost their
> more
> often - that's personal experience talking!
> 73, Terry,  ZL3QL.
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> Gang
> Let me clarify my request.
> I often travel with ham gear and always carry the sensitive bits (rig, psu
> etc) in my shoulder bag with the antennas, cables etc in the suitcase. It
> gets a softer ride and avoids the weighing machines (standard trick eh).
> But since 9/11 they are more touchy about what goes in shoulder bags; if I
> bubble-wrap the gear and put it in the suitcase they seem happier ... but
> then theres the risk of being overweight.
> No problems with customs: in the event of problems (or potential ones) I
> head for (or ask for) the guy with the most pips on his shoulder (less
> that they're trying to prove something to the boss) and show my licence
> which
> I carry separately). I'm not trying to avoid customs - just excess baggage
> costs.
> My question is specific: has anyone any experience with the "sporting
> equipment" clause related to baggage weight. This comes from the extra
> restrictions since 9/11.
> 73
> Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
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